Wreckless girl

I know I seem to blog a lot of serious thoughts. That is who I am and also where I am in life. I laugh, smile and find joys in the little gifts we are given, but I also carry a lot of weight that gives me a different outlook. I have always been a passionate person but I would say I am overloaded right now. I have a lot of fear about things, normal fears we all have .... but ironically enough I have become more wreckless. I have almost lost those little warning signals that go off when something is dangerous. (This loss of flashing red lights only applies to me and has no impact on my children.) Either I have become numb or I really need a thrill in my life.
I had my family pictures taken tonight and I would have to say it was bittersweet..... this photo brought me to tears. I have these sweet perfect little children that look to me to show them the ropes on life. Truth is I am just trying to figure it out myself......I miss my flashing red lights.

(*** the writing maybe sound a little more sad than I would like..oops. Im fine guys, just being honest that I must need a thrill ;)


Define me

Is difficult for me ...not because I have a need to lie but because I dont want to be exposed

comes in many forms

Is something I struggle to do

Is something that I deal with constantly.....we have a love hate relationship
(I swear somedays I want to play out a scene from the wedding singer)
(But that would get me fired )

Is the only thing I have

Is the goal here...I make a effort everyday
I am happy

Is something I pride myself on

to a fault

Is something I love to find in everyone

my expectations are high...maybe to high

Is something I have been taught how to find...although it can be a struggle

Is something I seem to do without

My heart:
belongs to my children

is a constant desire

I hope I can update some of these definitions soon

creates everything else in my enjoy this little number
from me to you



.....pride and joy

I believe these to be true
it's nothing sacred nothing new
no one tells you when it's time
there are no warnings only signs
then you know that you're alone
not a child anymore, but you're still scared
all your mountains turn to rocks
all your oceans turn to drops
they are nothing like you thought
you can't be something you are not
life is not a looking glass
don't get tangled in you past
like I am learning not to

also loving

I found brandi when I heard -the story- it broke into my top ten favorites.(yes I have strict music rules and ratings :) ) I love her writing , I wish I could be as bold as honest as she is. Its refreshing and makes for wonderful drive music for my busy life
(photo courtesy of megs)


ahhh sweet sounds

(side note...Im going red folks)

Even if you are not a twilight fan at least the soundtrack is solid! I was left wanting more from this artist.
This is my newest theme song. yes...yes I have theme songs for my life....week..month however long its good for.