free fallin

So on saturday for the second time I jumped from a fully functioning airplane. I love it ..I love free falling and I m excited to get certified. My photog buddy ryan came with his cute little family and his wife thought we were nuts. Heres to still being alive

and no ...I by no means planed on matching. We look like affliction threw up on us....

ryan got a "beauty shot" for me....ya sad if I would have died this would have been my last pic..thanks ry

I hate getting up early but I dont wanna jump with the sun high. its not good for photos either which ryan got done cause it was his first jump. so please excuse my bags and bed head.

me being silly


Movie time...grab the popcorn

Well I dont really like popcorn so grab a bowl of icecream.....yummm....icecream. I went on a date with myself. It was one of the best dates I have had in a while. I know soooo many people cant wrap their minds around the concept that I WANT to go to dinner or a movie alone. Its quite and calm, lets me clear my thoughts and reflect a bit. I dont have to make small talk or people please. I dont feel a need to waste my precious free time. I dont have to be bubbly if I dont want to be. I like me....I like going on dates with me.
Anywho back to my hot date. I went to Corbins grill and its was DELISH! I love my steak and fish so I was very impressed! After my lovely meal I went to the movies. I like going to those movies alone you stickynoted in your mind as - tear jerker...must see.... hits close to home....-
why you ask?? Well then nobody has to see you cry and you can just enjoy it. Love happens is one of those movies. I m not a baby but that movie made me cry.... It was beautiful, I loved jens character she had things about her that I related to as well as burk.
I wonder what I will do on my next date with me :)

( I LOVED HER WARDROBE - it was so cozy but alluring )

My life is a experiment everyday


when I grow up

( He loves sushi! he will eat all the "peas" and a roll by himself!)

I have the sweetest little boy....I just love him! Its so nice getting to have one on one time with him while kitkats at school. We will go get lunch or go for a walk....or if I spent the whole night editing we will take a nap together! ;) If you know my little girl she is extremely talkative...lil bill doesnt get to chime in much so when she is gone its so funny to hear him speak his mind.
while eatting he said to me


me- " yes billy"

billy-" you know what I want to be when I grow up....I want to cut trees"

me- " oh really you want to be a lumberjack?"

billy- "ya a lumbat I will cut wood for fires so people can have marshmallows and hotdog."

me-" well thats a helpful job...I like marshmallows and hotdogs"

billy- " yep they are super DUPER yummy."

Fall must haves take 2

so like I may have said before I love fall! I love everything like my pumpkin candle I have burning, the need for blankets and hot coco...and the clothes! I have a thing for hats in the fall! all kinds of hats but mostly these ones. ....I have one in about every color...I know I know o.c.d right! plan on seeing these on me alot! They are perfect for a casual lazy hair day!Nordstrom has some super cute new ones in.....go check them out.

this ones my fav

I will share another favorite fall must have for me......
Macs russian red lipstick! I love bright lips in the fall and winter! Dont be afraid of the daring.


Summer in the city...

Last month I went to the big apple for a girls trip! HOLY CRUD IT WAS HUMID. I have lived in Carolina but I had forgotten how your hair goes to crap in humidity! I like my dry thin utah air!  here are some of the highlights of our fun! Love the city but I am a mountain girl at heart

this was the HIGHLIGHT OF MY TRIP. The fourth time seeing phantom and by far the best. dreamy



once upon a time

Once upon a time is my kitkats favorite game. We will sit around and make up stories. Well as of late this is mine

Once upon a time there was a photo girl, all she did was take pretty pictures and sit at her computer to edit them....
~The End~ 

There are some little details like .....downloading new tunes 
(the viloin is brilliant.....I adore this song)

and playing on mac photobooth with lil bill


ear candy

I adore this guys voice.....his lyrics are like a warm blanket!



A packed full {B}day

Im the big 24

I jammed out to ingrid my whole birthday besides this song. Im a simple girl the title drew me in and then I ended up loving it

 Birthday Breakfast at cracker barrel is a important tradition in my little family! French toast is the BEST! The kidlets and I enjoyed our breakfest

Well I would have to say my birthday was blissfull! I woke up to go skydiving, got myself a pedi and then walked into the best birthday bash a girl could ask for. Joni and some of my friends got together to make my day golden and they went all out :) I had a ball and felt oh so very special.

I apologize for the wardrobe malfunction, it is a completely normal shirt and I am not the type to walk around with shirts exposing that much. But I am also not going to not post a moment like this due to a harness.... if it offends you I apologize

I had such a blast skydiving! I cant wait to do my solo jump. I thought I would get more nervous than I did but I was just super stoked to jump! I want a bigger thrill so Im hoping when I jump solo I will feel a more of a rush :) I
ahhhhh everytime I watch this I get so excited to go again! the group at skydive utah were so awesome to hang out with, make sure when you jump you go there

then I got a pedi at sego lily

next to a bday bash! thanks so much jessica,jess, joni and megs! I LOVE YOU GUYS. jessica is starting a party planning business and shes gonna do so awesome! look at how cute this turned out! she such a good little baker! 

make sure you hop over to jonis blog to hear my birthday song lol! such funny ladies


One year older......

Better be wiser too!

my sisters... kristy,me and charie

its my birthday today.....
I wish I was 5 again when birthdays were the BIGGEST deal.
I don't consider myself only 24, I say I am more like 30.
But in celebration of my birthday I thought I would share 24 tidbits about me

~ my favorite color is gold

~ I was born in Maine

~ I love my alone time but Im also super social
I go to dinner and movies alone sometimes..BY CHOICE :)

~ I could watch Legends of the fall, anything jane austin and Meet joe black everyday

~ I have a dream of being a singer/songwriter
as a child I wanted to be on broadway (phantom naturally)

~ I once had a bee fly in my bra while riding my bike (I was 12)
my sister called me boobees

~ red lipstick is a must

~my first kiss was in kindergarden, his name was matt and it was in the tunnels

~ I am independent to a fault
stubborn as well

~ If I could be any animal I would be a bird

~favorite thing to do with my kids is taking walks in fields

~ favorite sport is football (go utes)

~ Ingrid Michaelsons lyrics are stolen straight from my mind

~ I would die without music and photos as my expression

~ words I use constantly: golden, adore, intoxicating, legit, boo....more I am sure

~ Im a mountain girl...I love campfires, open fields and crisp mountain air

~ I cant stand feeling weak or exposed

~ I LOVE blankets, even if Im hot I have to have one

~ I will always be HORRIBLE at laundry

~ heels make me feel powerful

~ All I want is family and passion in my life

~ I want to see the world with someone I love

~ I LOVE to swing....I could do it all day

~ Im proud who I have grown up to be. I love what I have learned along the way.
My trials and faith have given me perspective.....for that I am thankful.

a few song I couldnt find but......the soundtrack to my life so far

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curse wendy's

            I have officially had to ban the Wendy's oreo shake from my diet

    ........its becoming a problem.......

I swear they put crack in those things.
consider yourself warned

ear candy

I have a..
- stuffy nose/ runny nose (yes its possible)
-sore throat
- congested headache
-aches :(
so I cant sleep ugh...I hate being sick! but I figured I have nobody to whine to about being sick so why not blog lol
Im pretty sure a lot of my followers either love or hate all my music post but I cant help myself. Music is such an easy expression for me. I need it everyday... its like air as cheesy as that sounds. I have so many goals and ideals for life and the future. I really hope the world can live up to the way I dream it to be. Heck.... I hope I can live up to my own expectations. Im desperately trying to learn the guitar so I can play out a little songwriter dream. I dont want to do it for anyone or anything....just for my own personal enjoyment. Maybe I can revamp some lyrics from my secret notebook :) anywho .....enjoy 
peter he is a new find. I love the guitar in both these songs

I will always LOVE will


Its that time of year again

I adore everything about fall. The colors, the smells, the lights on the H.S football fields. Plus it means I get to buy my favorite items of apparel. Jackets, cardigans, jeans, hat, scarves and .....BOOTS. Its my birthday in a few thats my excuse. more fall finds to come...